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Completely customized process equipment solutions
Unified control system for the complete equipment line
Design and implementation of turnkey solutions for vaccines production facilities
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Biotechno technological equipment for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing

In the current stage of COVID-19 global pandemic many pharmaceutical companies are faced with a problem of large-scale vaccine manufacturing. Increased worldwide demand for technological equipment more than doubled estimated delivery time among almost all European and American manufacturers.

As a manufacturer of bioprocessing equipment and automation services, Biotechno uses our expertise and SmartFrame® engineering technology to provide our customers with shortest delivery time possible, seamless installation and startup services and fast troubleshooting with up to 85% remote resolution. Biotechno gives any customer involved with COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing special delivery plan customized to ensure that you will get the equipment you need in time.

Biotechno COVID-19 manufacturing plan includes: Biotechno COVID-19 manufacturing plan includes:

  • SmartFrame® engineering technology to minimize engineering time before manufacturing
  • Shorter manufacturing time (starting from 7 months for simple equipment) by using equipment components available on the market today
  • Comprehensive technological support
  • Detailed installation and startup plans according to customer requests
  • Fast and effective troubleshooting services with up to 85% remote resolution

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Process line

Media preparation
Bioreactors of different volume and configuration
Concentration and collection of vaccine-containing material:
Filtration units
Specialized ultracentrifuges
Final product formulation
Storage and transfer reactors

Vaccine production line development roadmap:

Preparation of quotation in accordance with the process requirements
P&ID and 3D schemes development and approval
Equipment manufacturing
Equipment delivery, installation and commissioning at the Customer’s site
Customer’s personnel training and equipment commissioning

Why you should entrust the implementation of vaccines production projects to BIOTECHNO Ltd?

Extensive experience in biotech equipment manufacturing

For 18 years we have been actively and successfully designing and implementing biotechnological projects that fully comply with cGMP standards.

Flexibility in working with customers

Our experience and knowledge allow us to be flexible in both technical and commercial aspects of our projects, while maintaining the highest quality of provided solutions.

Professional and and well-timed maintenance

Our service engineers with more than 20 years of experience will carry out both maintenance and any emergency service for your equipment quickly, efficiently and on time.

We have designed and implemented equipment process lines for many biopharmaceutical companies in different countries.

Flu Vaccine Production Line

Year: 2016
● 16 fermenters of different volume from 15 to 300 L
● 40 reactors of different volume from 50 to 1500 L
● 3 continuous type ultracentrifuges for the purification of virus particles

Complete line of upstream vaccine manufacturing equipment

Year: 2016
● Bioreactor 3000 L - 6 pcs
● Base tank 60 L
● CIP system

Polio Vaccine Production Line

Year: 2017
● Bioreactor 150 L - 2 pcs
● Bioreactor 1200 L - 2 pcs
● Mobile CIP-system 2x200 L - 2 pcs

Vaccine production line

Year: 2017
● fermenter 25 L
● fermenter 300 L
● GMP-compliant

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